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Beaumont Road: Building Completion

The seven residential units we designed at Beaumont Road in Chiswick have just been completed and are on the market – open viewing days are now taking place.

The client is very happy with the project, particularly Studiodare’s ability to make the most of this landlocked site.

The Site & Design:
Like many urban sites, because of the potential for overlooking, windows were not permitted on three edges of the site. The design, therefore, had to find creative solutions to allow as much light into the houses as possible. To achieve this, we carefully positioned rooflights in each of the houses, letting light deep into the plans. In the single-aspect houses at the rear of the site, a full width lightwell was also placed along the back wall.

Contrary to many developer housing projects, we also placed emphasis on maximizing the opportunities for storage throughout, avoiding any redundant space. Cupboards, shelves and bookcases are built into walls, also reducing the need for additional furniture.

Stuart McKenzie