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Beaumont Road: Building Progress

Work is progressing well at 20-24 Beaumont Road, a 7 residential private development we’ve been working on for some time. The project is arranged in two blocks: one which maintains the street edge and a smaller block at the rear consistent with some smaller industrial buildings previously on the site.

A brief glimpse:
The demolition of the existing buildings exposed long covered-up perimeter walls; years of piecemeal extensions had concealed a tapestry of locally made bricks, cast iron frames and neglected service routes.

The proposals:
A blonde stock brick has been chosen as the external finish in our proposals. It is being laid in both stretcher bond and English-garden bond, the latter being the prevailing brick pattern in the area. The areas of bond are strategically mixed, subtly setting out each elevation.

Also, we have designed ‘projecting’ headers, arranged in large rectangles above the front doors of the rear houses. Casting soft shadows across the elevation, they add a rhythm to the elevation within the same material.

Stuart McKenzie