Kosh Kar

Kosh Kar
Kosh studied architecture at Edinburgh University and Bartlett School of Architecture. Before joining Studiodare he worked in London for MRJ Rundell+Associates and Tyler Mandic. Prior to this he worked in New York for Messana O’Rorke Architects and in Edinburgh for Benjamin Tindall Architects.

At Studiodare, Kosh has been closely involved in the Northern Line Extension, working with TfL, Halcrow and Buro Happold. Specifically, his time has been spent on a new station at Battersea Power Station and the upgrade of the platforms at Kennington. In addition, he has further used his residential experience researching sustainable methodologies for Studiodare’s housing projects.

Kosh’s work in infrastructure builds on research he undertook as a student, which examined the effect of public transport on context of a city as a whole. This was manifest in his thesis which proposed an extension of the Marsellies metro system, and also through investigative papers on the history of the New York Subway system.

He spends much of his time exploring London on his bicycle, as well as regular travels further afield; aside from working in New York, he has spent extended periods in America, East Asia and Eastern Europe.

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